Heavy Cat Studios

Heavy Cat Studios Showcase

Original Characters Gallery 1
Rock n' Roll
Original Characters Gallery 2
Officer on Deck!
Original Characters Gallery 3
Original Characters Gallery 4
Dragon Alert

LadyStar Battlefire Audiocast Night Warrior Radio Audiocast Jessica Hoshi Adventure Minute Independent Audiobook Productions

Original Sketchwork Gallery 1
Big Monsters!
Original Sketchwork Gallery 2
Mysterious Adventures
Original Sketchwork Gallery 3
Original Sketchwork Gallery 4
Epic Events

Environments and Backgrounds Gallery 1
Space Cadets Only
Environments and Backgrounds Gallery 2
No Fixer Uppers
Environments and Backgrounds Gallery 3
Battle Arena!
Environments and Backgrounds Gallery 4

Comic, Manga and Graphic Novel Headquarters
Our sequential art factory

Pixel Art Character Sprites and Avatars
Selections from the 8-Bit Bucket
Animated Creature Sprites
Featured Creatures! That move!
Animated Mechanicals and Icons
Animated Interface Controls
Push the button!
Linear Animation
Fresh Cartoons Made Daily!
Illustrated Character Sprites
Don't let their size fool you...
Pixel Art Tiles and Maps
The path to adventure!
Illustrated Tiles and Maps
Every great fantasy book needs one

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