About Heavy Cat Studios

About Heavy Cat Studios

Heavy Cat Studios offers quality animation, consulting and independent game development services to creative entrepreneurs. We are based in Southern California approximately an hour south of Hollywood.

Our studio has developed or co-developed more than 40 interactive titles for PC, Flash®, Android and iOS. Games featuring our art and design productions have sold more than 880,000 copies worldwide and generated in excess of $5 million in revenues. Flash games featuring our characters, art and designs have accumulated more than 1.7 million gameplays.

Design and Business Development

We focus your vision

Palace in the Sky Productions brought the producer-driven model to independent development. As a result, we have a veteran production team with experience managing projects from individual designs up to seven-figure commercial game releases.

Our producers write business plans, compose design documents and build treatments which help clarify and focus our creative talents to match your business needs.

Marketing, Advertising and Crowdfunding

We Seek Funding, Investment and Customers

We have an entire team of expert-led social media, crowdfunding and marketing specialists with on-the-ground experience on every major commercial Internet platform including Google Adsense, Facebook, Project Wonderful, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, DeviantArt, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Amazon, Steam, iTunes, Google Play and YouTube.

Our professional team can take your project from drawing board to funding to commercial release step-by-step, with the entire process backed by the independent market’s largest and most successful production company and animation studio.


We Make It

Our new exclusive prototyping and manufacturing division can take your creations and turn them into real, physical products that can be made available for sale worldwide. Nothing can compete with high quality toys, action figures, accessories, dolls, custom packaging, playsets, dice or dioramas featuring your characters and worlds.

Whether you are a game developer, author, video producer, musician or artist, you can take your vision to the next level with our market-leading prototyping, design and manufacturing process. Toys, action figures and tabletop games are no longer reserved just for big corporations.

While you’re dreaming of what your works would look like on store shelves or a convention table, don’t forget apparel, stickers, bags, mobile accessories, posters and stationery. Heavy Cat Studios has more than fifteen years experience in design, sales and distribution of officially licensed merchandise and branded products. We have the strategic partnerships, the track record and the sales. We can put our experience and knowledge to work for you.


We Print It

Heavy Cat Studios’ sister organization is the Lexicon Hollow Authors’ Guild, our very own Band of Misfits with their own Bookstore. We’ve been in the publishing business since 2003, when we made the first print edition of LadyStar: Relic of Battle available to fans of our original adventure game series. Since then, Palace in the Sky has published more than 70 titles ranging from science fiction to fantasy to comics and even games.

Authors Shane Lochlann Black, Theodore Jefferson, Lexi Hall, W. Scott, Lily Carwyn and the inimitable Phil Hark have contributed to our journey through the world of e-books, printed books and blogs. We’ve got the industry knowledge and we can put it to work for your book project.

In 2016, Heavy Cat Studios developed the Jericho™ Interactive Electronic Book Publishing technology, which allows us to convert manuscripts to three separate commercial formats simultaneously. Combined with our art team’s proven skill in cover design, our rapid development gives us a powerful marketing advantage we can apply to your next great work.


We Build It

We have a team of 27 artists with another 40 on call with specialties ranging from pixel art to 3D design to linear animation and everything in between. We’ve delivered art and writing, logos, characters, comics and video game packages to more than 1000 clients worldwide, and we have a better than 98% satisfaction rate.

Heavy Cat Studios is also home to a team of programmers with proven skills on the industry’s most popular platforms including Unity, Adobe Animate and Game Maker Studio. Our voice acting team is second to none and we work with one of the industry’s most respected licensors of top-of-the-line music.

No other independent studio comes close.

Licensing, Sales and Revenue

We Maximize Value

Our work does not stop with delivery of your designs. We can show you ways to generate revenue with your work you may not have even considered. Our merchandising and licensing team has more than 20 years experience working with every kind of property from pet raising games to science fiction to multi-billion dollar worldwide character franchises.

You worked hard to get your product to market. We can help you get a better return on your investment.

A Track Record of Success

Paperback novels, e-books, comics and other works by, among others, science-fiction author Shane Lochlann Black, Romance Author Lily Carwyn, Journalist Theodore Jefferson and Fantasy Adventure author W. Scott featuring our cover designs and built using our proprietary Jericho™ interactive electronic book publishing system have been sold in nine countries.

In addition to our publishing portfolio and our interactive titles, Heavy Cat Studios has developed board games, an animated television series, web-based games, collectible card games, two browser-based game engines, webcomics, manga, digital comics, two action audiocasts, officially licensed merchandise featuring our extensive library of characters and officially licensed web site designs for such popular television series as Marcelino y Pan y Vino and Sailor Moon®.

Heavy Cat Studios was first to bring the producer-driven model to the independent market. In 2012 and 2013 we recruited and trained a team of 40 artists on four continents plus an eight-member production team to deliver more than three thousand production-quality color illustrations to a single client in less than 11 months. We simultaneously delivered art for four complete successful commercial-quality games in under one year, one of which went on to a record-setting launch, generating more than $90,000 in retail sales in its first 72 hours.

Heavy Cat Studios helped build the largest English-language webcomic network in the world featuring our original titles LadyStar™ Fury of the Venom Legion and Jessica Hoshi and the Ajan Warriors which combined to build an audience of more than 250,000 readers. At its height, our network of 115 sites attracted more than 70,000 readers a day.

Our Production Team helped launch the Lexicon Hollow Authors Guild, developed one of the first (if not the first) browser-based games ever commercially published, and invented one of the first general-purpose markup languages for games only one year after the invention of XML. The work we did on browser-based games formed the foundation for our Tranquility™ n-tier general purpose adventure game engine.

Heavy Cat Studios is currently developing the proprietary Battlefire Challenge™ and Battlefire Adventures™ game projects featuring W. Scott’s LadyStar™ fantasy adventure characters.

Our studio has been considered for development of mobile applications based on multi-billion dollar internationally famous character franchises in both the Pacific Rim and Europe, and co-published a non-fiction book featuring interviews with a world-renowned children’s television producer and a market-leading toy company executive.

We have been in business continuously since 1995, and established one of the first 25,000 web sites on the Internet.

Your Production Team