Heavy Cat Studios and Collectible Card Games

Heavy Cat Studios and Collectible Card Games

We’ve done five trading card and collectible card games, not counting our upcoming proprietary Battlefire Challenge™ system, and we enjoyed the projects so much, we adapted ourselves into collectible trading cards.

Our studio works with a tremendous group of folks at a store called The Game Crafter when we need to adapt our designs for board and printed card games. We also work with a printer called Moo when we do promotional business cards and handouts. Our work combines with their amazing products to produce some really stellar results.

We can do both card templates, overlays, customizable layers or complete card designs including rule systems, documentation and print resolutions up to ultra-crisp 600 dpi.

Artists working on these projects have invented new characters, new game systems, and quality designs sometimes numbering in the dozens. Our authors’ guild was so happy with the work they’ve commissioned game books and even a custom bestiary for one of our most popular series.



Head Animated Character at Heavy Cat Studios
Does not want to measure the bite marks.
Knows why things work on a starship.
Will never be over Macho Grande.

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