Heavy Cat Studios and Anime

Heavy Cat Studios and Anime

Our studio has a unique relationship to anime, given we were involved in both marketing and interactive initiatives for the Sailor Moon® and Marcelino y Pan y Vino television series at various points over the last 17 years.

Our producers have had the opportunity to work with artists experienced in both comic and animation production, and as a result we’ve accumulated one of the largest indpendently produced libraries of original anime character designs in the industry.

Our characters have appeared in numerous productions from visual novels to comics to mobile games to Flash® games to officially licensed merchandise. If you’re looking for an anime artist, if we haven’t worked with them before, chances are they are working with us now.



Head Animated Character at Heavy Cat Studios
Does not want to measure the bite marks.
Knows why things work on a starship.
Will never be over Macho Grande.

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