Heavy Cat Studios Book Covers and Illustrations

Heavy Cat Studios Book Covers and Illustrations

While most authors recognize full well the power of a great cover, many still overlook the flexibility electronic book platforms provide. Heavy Cat Studios’ alliance with the Lexicon Hollow Authors’ Guild gives us a unique perspective when it comes to designing and marketing all kinds of books from fantasy to science fiction to comics.

Where our studio really shines, however, is book illustrations. If you are looking for a way to make your book stand out, a series of stylized illustrations, either color or finished sketches, will set your work apart from the rest.

Even more effective is when authors compose their work to take full advantage of the power of a professional animation studio. What could color illustration bring to your story? How might it affect your audience and how interested would some of those readers be in sequels that carry on your unique narrative style? One need only look to the comic market to see a glimpse of what is possible.



Head Animated Character at Heavy Cat Studios
Does not want to measure the bite marks.
Knows why things work on a starship.
Will never be over Macho Grande.

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