Heavy Cat Studios Pixel Art and Game Animation

Heavy Cat Studios Pixel Art and Game Animation

Pixel art didn’t start out as our specialty. Heavy Cat Studios was at one time a powerhouse comics outfit. But once we started making our services available to game developers, our talent when it comes to pixel art immediately moved to the forefront and has remained there ever since.

If you’re doing any kind of pixel design, whether it is for an isometric map, character animation, user interfaces, icons, RPG game objects, mobile games or any other kind of project that requires super-fast retro-authentic graphics, we are the market leader hands down. We have a literal army of the finest pixel artists in the industry, each with their own specialty and each with a long track record of producing commercial-quality work on time and on budget.

Because of our considerable experience in building well in excess of sixty pixel-art-based projects, our production team also knows pretty much everything there is to know about this format. We have experience with the engines, what is popular and what isn’t, and the best ways to get your work from drawing board to market without breaking your budget.



Head Animated Character at Heavy Cat Studios
Does not want to measure the bite marks.
Knows why things work on a starship.
Will never be over Macho Grande.

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