Heavy Cat Studios Featured Creatures™

Heavy Cat Studios Featured Creatures™

When it comes to nightmare fuel, no other art team compares.

We’ve always harbored a special place in our hearts for Halloween, dating all the way back to the original events on our sister site ladystar.net years ago. Now, we are the Halloween event.

In fact, we’re so sure we’re the best at monster design, we’ve established our own Featured Creatures™ trademark. This is Heavy Cat Studios’ only proprietary art category. Every single one of our artists does monsters, but our senior creature creator can do things with fangs, scales and wings that will make you think you’ve walked into a Friday Night Cinematic Fright Festival. You think you’ve seen scary before? Give us a week and we’ll put things on the screen that will make the most depraved horror film villain scramble up a tree.




Head Animated Character at Heavy Cat Studios
Does not want to measure the bite marks.
Knows why things work on a starship.
Will never be over Macho Grande.

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