The Number One Independent Studio

Heavy Cat Studios is a team of 23 professionals offering quality production services to creative entrepreneurs. We are based in Southern California approximately an hour south of Hollywood. We have developed PC and mobile games, board games, animated television, web-based games, comics, novels and audiocasts for more than 600 clients around the world. Our work has been featured in products that have generated well in excess of two million dollars in retail sales.

We were the first studio to bring the producer-driven model to the independent market. We employed this model to deliver more than 3000 production-quality color illustrations to a single client in less than 11 months.

Heavy Cat Studios helped build the largest English-language webcomic network in the world, launched the Lexicon Hollow Authors Guild, developed one of the first (if not the first) browser-based games ever published, and invented one of the first general-purpose markup languages for games.

Our studio has been considered as the developer for games and web properties based on multi-billion dollar internationally famous character franchises in both the Pacific Rim and Europe, and has helped publish books featuring interviews with world-renowned television producers and market-leading toy company executives.

Our parent company, Palace in the Sky Productions, is the worldwide licensor for the LadyStar™ and Bandit Jacks™ characters, and has published more than 60 titles in fantasy, comic, romance, science-fiction and non-fiction genres.

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